Next Evening Meeting

We meet with the Code Craft Group. They are an openspace Micro-Conference Group. Please RSVP.


Wednesday, May 27, 2015
7:00 PM


Conversant Inc.


There is a giant parking lot right in back of the building with plenty
of free parking. :) When you get there, enter through the South Entrance.
There should be a sign with a phone number, but if there isn't, call me at
eight-oh-five two-one-six nine-seven-four-three.

Google map of the location is available here.


Code Craft -
   "Openspace Micro Conference"

An 'open space' micro-conference, 50/50 break-out sessions and 5-minute lightning talks (plus Q&A).

As a true 'open space' conference, the real topics will be whatever the participants decide!

  • 7:00pm Chill out, eat, drink, network, suggest topics and organize workshops
  • 7:15pm Break out sessions, hacking & workshops
  • 8:15pm Lightning Talks
  • 9:00pm Maybe go home

Fuel: Food & beer (provided by Conversant)

Directions to get to Conversant:

Take the 101 Freeway to the Lindero Canyon Road exit and head north. Pass the Memorial Park on your right and turn right at the 2nd light for Russell Ranch Road (you will see a Chipotle at that corner). Pass the Costco to your right, and then take the first right into the parking lot (there is a little yellow parcel box that you can use in spotting the driveway that you need to turn into). Turn left toward the glass doors in the far corner. Someone will be waiting to let you in downstairs, at the glass doors.
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